Horrible People.


I am so very angry lately. I am sickened to my very core. Dr. Ford stands up in front of Congress and tell them what that horrible, repulsive sexual predator did to her.

One can not expect that sexual predators would ever go against one of their own and so far they haven’t.

Then the leader of the sexual deviants and predators stands up and not only ridicules and maligns her but virtually calls her a liar. The people who elected these people, these horrible monsters, you should be locked in a room with them and they should rape you until you die.

You elected predators and pedophiles into your midst and when someone calls the king of them a half-wit moron you whine and cry and say it wasn’t clever. Guess what you ignorant fools, it was not meant to be clever just the truth and you defend that, then you are every bit as bad as they are if not worse. Tell me what would you say if it was your wife, sister, niece, daughter, granddaughter etc. that this happened to would you feel different?

Yet they stand there and cheer on an ignorant monster as he does this. You are all rapists if you back him. When it comes to sexual assault everyone runs around yelling “he is innocent until proven guilty.” Yes, and the victim is classified guilty until proven innocent. Men who don’t report sexual abuse for thirty or more years are, “brave,” when they come forward. However women who do that ares liars.

Then they sit and with their ugly stupid mouth say; “why didn’t it get reported sooner?” Don’t say that to the men do they. No, they don’t. This is the reason why the majority of sexual assault victims don’t report it because of what they are put through.

Dr. Ford was assaulted by Kavanaugh but they will not do anything to him for it. However she comes forward and sitting there with all those belligerent assholes raped her in that hearing and the king of the  predators stands up in front of the world and does it again. How dare you vote for something like that, how dare you have that in your government and worse , how can you  be so blind, so stupid and so god damned mean as to back anyone like that.

Everyone supporting them, I can only say I hope the most heinous, nasty things happen to you and any members in your family that support them. You are evil, nasty individuals and any torture on earth is not bad enough for them or you.






Class, Money and Food

I am still on a tear from yesterday. I would like to say money only buys you material things. If a bomb went off in your yard how smart would that make you? Because by some people’s account material possessions make you smart and it is gone.
Money cannot buy you class, heart, empathy or any of things that count and certainly not intelligence. I have worked with owners of hockey teams, football teams, hockey players, movie stars, singers etc. The one thing you always know is whether someone had to work for their money or it was pretty much handed to them.
inherited money like; tRump, Getty fortune, this also applies to a great many sports stars who you may say worked for theirs but they didn’t work hard enough doing crap jobs. Those people many do no have class, intelligence or anything that matters. They treat those who they believe to be lesser than them as crap. They only want to be with the wealthy and the nouveau rich and you are crap beneath their feet.
If tRumps daddy didn’t pay his way into Wharton and graduation he never would have gotten there. His dad didn’t just give him one million dollars but until the day he died he showered huge amounts of money on his and bailed him out of trouble. Just like the Taj Mahal casino that int he first year he lost more than a billion dollars on and daddy dearest gave him Three hundered million to save it. Which reckless tRump lost anyway. American banks won’t lend him money and he owes the Russians and Chinese a fortune in loans. Yes, that shows great intelligence.
The way he speaks, his “braggadocios, bigly and yuge” and his deplorable grammar shows his lack of intelligence and class. The way he speaks about his daughter no man on earth should talk about anyone’s daughter theirs or others that way. Class you can’t buy and they have none and all the money on the planet can’t buy it for them.
Now I will get into another thing that really ticks me off. Finally, this year after trying since I was twenty I have become a Whole Food Plant Based vegan/vegetarian. I have done this for me and for animals.
I love animals and I quit eating seafood quite awhile ago because seafood is for those who live in the sea. Also the pollution and radiation levels are so high it just isn’t safe.
I have never really cared for meat, the texture of meat and that is my decision. But it is me doing this for me and the good of my health. It is me doing this because I can not rightly eat meat when I feel guilty because they are dying for me and I don’t even enjoy it.
Is it easy not real easy. We have been fed bullshit since we are born about how healthy and all this meat is for you when it isn’t.
I am bringing this up because people try to bully you over meat. There is the ever famous “where do you get your protein from.” Well every fruit and vegetable has protein and some is higher than the meats you eat and beans contain a great deal of protein.
The good thing about this way of eating is you can be so stuffed but you don’t feel sick and bloated. You feel full but not obscene. The hardest for me was cheese.
Do we ever slip? Yes, many do.
Just abusing someone who eats this way or any way is not good it is bullying. They have their reasons and it is no different then someone who can’t eat walnuts. It is bullying to abuse them over it and it doesn’t affect you so you should shut-up about it.
Also people who think it is oh so clever to walk around a vegan or vegetarian event chewing on a raw steak is not clever, classy or anything else. It is rude and boorish and shows people why they don’t want to associate with meat eaters. Each person should be allowed the freedom to be left to eat the food that pleases them. It doesn’t matter if it is for choice or health and for me it is both.
Try not to make yourself look like an insipid ass.

WTF? When Does This End?

Alice in Wonderlnand, Through the Looking Glass, fantasy, speculative


It has been a year so far, not a great year for me personally. I have lost friends and family and other things.  This is life. Unfortunately the idiocy of people doesn’t ever seem to end but increases every day.

There are people who believe every single word that Trump utters thinking he is so clever, because he says he is. They think wealth no matter how ill-gotten it is  means you are smart. That if you own a house or a Porsche you are brilliant. They are massively and horribly wrong.

I have rapidly been blocking people off of Facebook because I cannot tolerate this blatant stupidity and blindness. Their narrow-mindedness is beyond comprehension. I am done with this idiocy. No matter how much evidence looms in front of their faces they wish to be blind and stupid.

Because you have money does not make you smart. If you have a fancy house and expensive car, does not make you smart. Nor does it mean that if you don’t own a house or fancy car you are an idiot. First; did you ask the person who doesn’t have those things if they even want them?  They may have other plans and haven’t got them for many reasons. Just because they don’t have them doesn’t make them less smart and in some cases  they are more smart than some who do.

Arrogant self-absorbed people like the US President are stupid, they are stupid because they think they are better than anyone else, they are far from it. I may be opinionated, I don’t suffer fools and stupidity well. They always think they are so much smarter than anyone else and they are less intelligent than many people.

These insufferable fools are too lazy to look up anything, although they have eyes and fingers but all they can say, “cite your sources.”  Why? If I can research it and look it up so can your lazy damn ass. If I want to say you are wrong I research it on my own. Even if you show it to them they are too damn lazy to click on the links. I can do my research but you, you lazy ignorant ass won’t.  You want to prove me wrong, you show me where not say I am wrong and tell me to prove I am right.

I am done with dumb ass conservatives who declare they are for people’s rights and freedoms but want to take yours away. They only believe in liberal views if it applies to them and only them. I am done with ignorant, stupid, brain-dead fools and I have no problem blocking your dumb ass from anything and everything connected with me, if you spout ignorant, racist. misogynistic, reprehensible. ill-informed shit, expect me to block you. However, if I don’t get to you first, please, please, block me first.

I feel like I fell down a nuclear rabbit hole and I wish I could get back to the hole and wonderland that Alice fell down. It is so much more sane than this world we are in now.



Ten Reasons I am sick and Tired of all of this.


I haven’t written for a while and the reasons are life and working on two books. Which are not finished as yet. During this time the world has headed from bad to worse. I have decided to do most of this in point form to make it easier for reading.

1. I am tired of humans thinking this world belongs to them and animals are inconsequential. Animals are by far the most important creatures on this planet. They are the highest and best contributors to the ecology of the planet. Humans are the worst contributors to the ecological well-being of the planet.

2. I am tired of poaching and trophy poaching (hunting). The people who do these things are taking highly and critically endangered animals because they are; lazy, wealthy, egotistical, and ignorant people. They are taking the lives of these sentient and wonderful animals for their own greed.

3. I am sick of the meanness in this world and the person who is pushing people into severe meanness is the person elected to be the President of the US. He is an instigator and he is trying to cause a massive war he doesn’t care if he is going to fight allies or enemies. Yet, his cowardly self got five deferments to keep him out of Vietnam. Yet, he will be happy to kill you and your sons and daughters. Also for Americans and Canadians that under the UN agreement if someone, let’s say North Korea, drops a missile on Canada. Under the UN agreement the US being the nearest neighbour to Canada and an ally signed the UN agreement to help defend their allies including Canada. They have clearly stated that they will not help defend Canada if that happens, and that comes from President Trump.

4. For the first time in my life, I do believe there will be a war and not over anything but ego. I feel the end is near.

5.  In two weeks we have had to witness at least three hurricanes two of which caused colossal damage to the areas they hit and three very damaging earthquakes. Why is this happening?  It is climate change, you get the extremes of high temperatures, and horrible freezing temperatures. You get drastic weather changes but that same President declares it is a hoax. I never seen a more uneducated person than he is. I am so disgusted. The other day he created a new African country Zambia and it was not a mistake as he said it more than once.

6. I am so sick of people using words they don’t know the meaning of so I am going to help everyone with two words being bandied about like dirty words.  These are the dictionary meanings and I have cut and pasted them from the dictionary. Being a liberal is someone who believes in the rights and freedoms for everyone. Being conservative comes from the word Conserve, but from what I have seen I have seen very little conservation from many.


adjective1 the values of a liberal society: tolerant, unprejudiced, unbigoted, broad-minded, open-minded, enlightened; permissive, free, free and easy, easygoing, libertarian, indulgent, lenient. ANTONYMS narrow-minded, bigoted.2 a liberal social agenda: progressive, advanced, modern, forward-looking, forward-thinking, progressivist, enlightened, reformist, radical. ANTONYMS reactionary, conservative.3 a liberal education: wide-ranging, broad-based, general.4 a liberal interpretation of divorce laws: flexible, broad, loose, rough, free, general, nonliteral, nonspecific, imprecise, vague, indefinite. ANTONYMS strict, to the letter.5 a liberal coating of paint: abundant, copious, ample, plentiful, generous, lavish, luxuriant, profuse, considerable, prolific, rich; literary plenteous. ANTONYMS scant.6 they were liberal with their cash: generous, openhanded, unsparing, unstinting, ungrudging, lavish, free, munificent, bountiful, beneficent, benevolent, big-hearted, philanthropic, charitable, altruistic, unselfish; literary bounteous. ANTONYMS careful, miserly.



adjective1 the conservative wing of the party: right-wing, reactionary, traditionalist; Republican; British Tory; informal redneck. ANTONYMS socialist.2 our more conservative neighbors may object to the modern architecture being proposed: traditionalist, traditional, conventional, orthodox, old-fashioned, dyed-in-the-wool, hidebound, unadventurous, set in one’s ways; moderate, middle-of-the-road, buttoned-down; informal stick-in-the-mud. ANTONYMS radical.3 he wore a conservative blue suit: conventional, sober, modest, plain, unobtrusive, restrained, subtle, low-key, demure, unshowy, unflashy; informal square, straight. ANTONYMS ostentatious.4 a conservative estimate: low, cautious, understated, moderate, reasonable.nounliberals and conservatives have found common ground: right-winger, reactionary, rightist, diehard; Republican; British Tory.

There is truly no reason not to know the meaning of a word. There are dictionaries all over the place and on computers so look the words up.

7. I am really sick of the horrible things that people think they can do and get away with and unfortunately are getting away with them.

8.  I am sick of people and their religious fanaticism. There is no god, pure and simple, there is no satan either. No one makes you the asshole you are but you. No one makes you beat your wife of girlfriend, no one makes you rape, no one makes  you drink, drugs, or any other heinous garbage. It is you and only you can decided to stop this crap. Blaming things on invisible beings that have never existed is insane. Take responsibility for your own actions, never mind trying to pass the buck to some impossibly omnipotent being. Because if he existed and was all-powerful, why would he allow animals to be tortured and murdered, why would children be raped and tortured even by those professing to be his emissaries. Would he allow war and  humans to pollute this world, no and don’t say it is satan. Because then you are saying that satan who is supposedly bad is strong than this ever powerful god. Grow up people I don’t want to see any more religious bullshit.

9.   I am very sick about how we all have done our part to pollute this beautiful planet and everything in it. It is pretty much too late now to save it because we are half way through the sixth extinction. This is one caused by humans and only humans and there is no going back. The best I can hope for is that an asteroid does come this time. Humans are a scourge upon this planet.

10.  I have never seen this much violence and cruelty on this planet since I was a small child watching the civil rights demonstrations. It has become so much worse than then. I am seeing the horrible Neo Nazi and white supremacists raise their ugly heads up everywhere and it makes me sick.

People, we have driven this world to the bring and in a very short time we are going over the edge if we can’t stop all this nonsense. What we have done is criminal and we are all responsible.





Alice Unbound Guidelines Update

Colleen Anderson

Alice in Wonderlnand, Through the Looking Glass, fantasy, speculative Sir John Tenniel’s famous Alice illustrations. The Griffin, the Mock Turtle and Alice.

For those writers thinking it’s too late to get something in for May 31, know that the deadline has been extended to July 15. I’m just not getting enough stories of the caliber needed for an anthology.

If you are submitting, read all of this post–to the end. People are ignoring the proper submission format and I won’t read a story until it is sent double spaced, with word count, and full contact info on it. That should be easy enough to do, you would think. And page numbers, please.

Now, I’m seeing a lot of the main Alice characters so remember, if I have five Mad Hatter stories I might have to select the best. Alice, White Rabbit, Mad Hatter, Cheshire Cat are all becoming very popular. And tea parties and rabbit holes. I’ll post the…

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My Reasons Why

A few  days ago I power watched  “13 Reasons Why.”  I can’t speak on the book, I have not read it so I will speak on the Netflix movie of the same name.  I have no idea how close the movie is to the book. I am not a teenager or even a  twenty or thirty something person, I am definitely older than that.  I started watching it to see what it was about, not knowing this was designed for teenagers. I don’t suggest teenagers even watch it without an adult present.

The story starts off with a pretty seventeen year old high school student who just moves to a new town. Before school starts her best friend that she met has to move away.  We all hate losing friends but we all move on.  I found this movie affected me in depressing ways because I remember school and none of it was good for me. Back when I went to school not only was I bullied by my peers but by my teachers too. So if the teacher bullied and humiliated you then it was okay for the students to do it also.  This movie is about bullying. This movie has a good message about bullying and how some students are more entitled than others but it backs it up with a very bad message. I am glad that I went to school when I did and not today. Cell phones and internet increases and keeps the bullying going forever, because once it is on the net it is there to stay.

This movie is full of teenage boys who follow the Donald Trump school of thought that you can just grab, kiss, and rape females and it is all okay especially if you are a jock or wealthy. Yes, when I went to school jocks and cheerleaders were the idols, not nerds like me. So Hannah our female protagonist goes out with a jock one night who while kissing her is sneaking crotch shots with his phone. Then proceeds to send them to every kid in the school and there it starts for her.

In this movie they decided they needed to include everyone and everything. So there are gay kids, LBGTQ, jocks, nerds, cheerleaders, kids with two gay fathers, cops kids, and the obscenely wealthy kids, African American and Asian. They cannot be accused of being racist at all. What I can accuse them of is making it okay or seem okay to commit suicide and blame everyone for why you did it.  This is what happens to Hannah and she spends a little over a month dictating her suicide tapes, she didn’t write a note. It is weird to think this today that everyone still has cassette decks. She obviously does because that is what she does.

She dictates thirteen tapes  and each person in those tapes has to listen to them and pass them on to the nest person she considers responsible for her suicide. She tells each one why they pushed her that much closer to killing herself. Now this just isn’t about bullying it also involves rape and the wealthy jock getting away with it. It does not address the fact that when people consider suicide they are at the darkest points in their life and can’t even see a way out. Most people considering suicide unless they have a terminal illness do not spend over thirty days putting tapes together.

This movie makes everyone responsible and I am not saying they all weren’t responsible in some way, The thing is Hannah was insanely depressed and yes, it is depressing but she didn’t show it and did not seek out help until the very end and then not really.  But it did serve to send horrible mixed messages and the worst was that if you don’t seek help or tell anyone, that it is okay to kill yourself. That if people are not your friends anymore, you can kill yourself and they will put up memorials to you and wow you will be the coolest kid.  It does not say that being a teenager is hard, hell being an adult is hard and you will lose friends and be depressed. It does not say seek out help and suicide is  not painless,  there are other ways and it is not cool.  You don’t have to go to your parents, go to clinic or phone a suicide prevention line in your city or town. You can even go to a school counsellor and all you have to say is that you need to speak to someone.  Hannah went to her school counsellor who she also blamed and yes, he said something wrong very wrong, but he is not a doctor or a psychiatrist and she was vague about things. She should have just told him she needed to see a doctor immediately  He was the first person she should have spoke to not the last.

The whole thing is that there are other things that can be done, suicide is not the answer.   People who are close to you, people who truly love you never get over it.  You will never be the coolest kid in school  if you commit suicide, it is not okay for anyone to abuse or bully you and they need to reprimanded.  Because some guy is wealthy, sports star, reality tv star, movie star or  president of a country, does not make any of it okay. If someone is no longer your friend you find other friends, you don’t kill yourself.  No one said life is easy and believe me it isn’t. There are billions of people who have considered suicide at some point in their lives.

There is something horribly wrong with our world when they make a show glorifying suicide. If this show is even close to the book it is not something anyone should read especially if they are depressed. I wasn’t depressed going to watch this movie but I certainly was after.  That was because of the glorification of suicide.